Here you will find our introductory offer for your company: We will carry out a quick check of the logistics of your company in a short time. You will then receive meaningful results very quickly and at moderate costs. In this way, ORGAPLAN Logistik GmbH can show you how your company is set up and where we see starting points for in-depth analyzes that show promising potential. At the same time, you will learn how a competent logistics consultant works

Carry out a quick check of the logistics – you’re wondering:

  • Are we in a good position entrepreneurially or is there room for improvement?
  • We know our business – but how do we rate our position within the industry?
  • Why a planner or consultant – can’t we optimize ourselves?

Because where markets change quickly and become more dynamic, customer requirements increase. As the market environment changes, your business needs to stay on the ball and innovate itself on a regular basis.

The logistics experts at ORGAPLAN Logistik GmbH examine your company for potential and find approaches to optimizing and reducing costs in logistics. First of all, we do this very pragmatically and quickly – we call it the QuickCheck. Get in touch with us without any obligations.



    Statements and results … fast and handy

    • You see a vulnerability that you cannot evaluate or prioritize: Does the Quickcheck confirm the suspicion you have been harboring for a long time?
    • Operative blindness: You learn new things about your own company because we can look at it neutrally through the eyes of an external logistics professional.
    • Aha effect: You don’t expect that at all, because new impulses and unexpected insights could be the result.

    Preparation for business decisions

    Advantages of a quick check of logistics: Our targeted and pragmatic investigation is always a neutral view from the outside. It is divided into the following areas and answers typical questions:

    • What measures are recommended for warehouse operations?
    • Is the use of today’s IT systems or the storage/conveyor technology correct?
    • Is the fleet efficient and are the costs right compared to the competition?
    • Where is there untapped potential?
    • What medium-term developments can be expected?
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    Ingo Schalow

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    Preparation of the quick check results

    You will receive the results of our quick check of logistics in a comprehensible format, because you can set the course with a meaningful final report with individual strategy recommendations: After carrying out a quick check, you are able to derive decisions for changes in your company.

    Now you want to know exactly – more details

    Contact us for more information and to ask specific questions. Of course also to our other consulting topics and competences:

    We would be happy to present our expertise in more detail in a personal meeting. Contact us.